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Adsterra Network

Launched in 2013, Adsterra is a premium global ad network serving over 10 billion geo-targeted ads a month. We provide innovative advertising media and monetization solutions for web and mobile advertisers and publishers worldwide.

Our publisher program offers unique advantages for website owners with quality traffic, which include competitive rates, 100% monetization of their digital inventory and personalized payment options. For advertisers, Adsterra Network offers a thorough guide of their digital marketing campaigns to achieve highest volumes of conversion and a higher ROI.

Our experienced and devoted multilingual account managers will guide you to your success and ultimate results. For more information about Adsterra Network, visit


Kantor Pusat

Nicosia, Agios Andreas

Tahun Berdiri


Jenis Perusahaan

Perseroan Tertutup

Ukuran / Karyawan

51-200 karyawan


Online Advertising, CPM, CPA, CPС, CPO, PPI, Affiliate Marketing Network, Lead Generation, Mobile Advertising, Performance Based Marketing.