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All days are not special. But few days stand in our memories forever. The first time your child calls you "Mother". The first day of school. Or the day your child graduates.

These days were the most beautiful, proud filled days in your life. Aren't these, Mothers? One such day of our life is worth shooting. So, let's create new possibilities this Mother's Day with your children and of course.

How is it done; you ask?

Well, it’s very simple! With Video Bokeh, you can treasure even the smallest memories with your children. Open Camera, tap VIDEO, turn on the Bokeh mode at the top, adjust the blur intensity of the background by dragging the slider back and forth. When you're ready to shoot, tap the Record button.

That's all folks. Cheers to all mothers in the world! Wish you the happiest Mother's Day you richly deserve.

*The availability of Video Bokeh mode varies based on phone models. Check your phone camera to see if it's available on your phone.

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